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NIE Number: What it is and how do I get it?

What is the NIE number? NIE is an abbreviation for Foreigners Identification Number. If you apply for it, you will be issued with a white certificate that will assign you your unique foreigner’s ID number that is in the format of: A-1234567-Z (i.e. letter-seven...

4 Great Reasons to Live in Costa Blanca, Spain

A large number of Europeans have decided to spend their holidays exploring the Mediterranean coast. They begin to come back each year and during this time they fall in love with Spain. Spain has infinite things to fall in love, and million reasons for decide to stay...

Can I use my driving license in Spain?

One of the frequently questions that foreigners usually ask us when they come to Spain is if their driver’s license is valid for driving a vehicle in this country. The answer varies according to 2 variables: Driver’s origin country and the residence permit. DRIVER’S...


There are plenty of reasons to buy a property in Spain but there are three of them in particular that may convince you to step forward. Mainly at the retirement age, lot of foreigners decide to live in Spain looking for a quite place with good weather all year around...

7 Most beautiful villages in Costa Blanca

When we are planning to travel or when we are looking for a different life style place than ours, we usually want to visit the most beautiful and charming locations that we can find in the area where we go. The Costa Blanca has got wonderful places where you can find...

How do I get the residence card if I purchase a house in Spain?

Are you thinking about buying a house in Spain? Have you already found the perfect place where to spend wonderful moments? Would you like to get the residence card but you don´t know how to do it? After making all these decisions many doubts may come up for sure. Here...

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