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Your Property in the best area of Spain

Costa Blanca, which means the “White Coast”, stretchesfrom Denia on the north, to Orihuela Costa in the south, it of has one of Europe’s best climates, which is ideal for outdoor activities the year round.
In an area of Costa Blanca north, we are lucky to be surrounded by very beautiful mountains, which results in an even better climate which we call a micro climate.

The summer time temperatures range between 25°C and 35°C, while the winter temperatures are from 5°C to 20°C, and here are approx 320 of sunny days per year.



Albir is a small and a “new” town, with a very nice and clean pebbles stone beach, and you have a wide range of hotels, restaurants, shops, beauty & health centres.

Albir is a part of the community Alfaz del Pi, which means “Alfas from the pine”. This is an old town with a long history with inhabitants and visitors from many cultures. An archaeological find at Albir beach, has proven that the Romans occupied this area. The town centre was originally up in Alfaz, to avoid attacks by barbaric coast pirates. In Arabic Alfaz means “fertile earth”, and here they grow grapes, olives, oranges, lemons, almonds, potatoes, figs and more, at the markets you can buy these products from the local farmers.

Today, the area around Alfas Del Pi, which occupies an area of about 19 km2, has about 20.000 inhabitants, and more than half of them, with over a hundred different nationalities, the rest are Spanish.

The highest represented foreigners here are Scandinavians, Dutch and British, and you can find typical and authentic products and services from many countries. Such as schools, restaurants, food, shops, social clubs, churches etc.

The seafront promenade in Albir, has its own “walk of fame” or “El paseo de las estrellas” in Spanish, because of the annual film festival, where famous actors come every summer. There are many other culture arrangements as well, such as cinema on the beach, activities for children, handcraft market etc.



From this beautiful promenade you can walk to the next town Altea, which is an old Arabic fisherman village with a fantastic view to the Mediterranean, and with 6 km of beaches. This community has a rich history. There have been finds in Altea La Vella and Cap Negret from the Iberian folk from the 5th to the 1st century BC. Today there are many artists that have settled here, and they have influenced this little town with whitewashed houses, narrow streets, and Altea old town is a very typical Spanish town with a variety of very good restaurants.



Benidorm is located just a few minutes drive south of Albir. This has been a famous tourist metropol since the early sixties. There are two main beaches, divided with a cliff where the charming old town is placed, with the famous church, small shops and the famous tapas restaurant area. Benidorm has everything you can desire, a wide range of hotels, dancing clubs, shows and here you can enjoy a fabulous nightlife. The community is surrounded by many theme- and water parks, shopping malls and water sport activities. With all the sky scrapers, Benidorm is called as the Manhattan of Europe.



Villajoyosa, which means “Joyful Town” or Delightful town is also originally a fishing village located just south of Benidorm. The town stretches 1.1 km along the lovely quiet and sandy beach that ends in the fishing harbour. Distinctive for the town is that it has a larger native Spanish population than foreign population, and the town is well known for its famous multi-coloured houses.

La Nucía lies more inland, 226 metres above sea level, directly northwest from Alfaz del Pi and Altea. The area is surrounded by beautiful mountains, which protect the area from the cold north winds in the wintertime. La Nucía stretches over a great area, and the community has over 70 urbanizations in addition to the town. In the northern end of town you will find the “old town”, which is also worth a visit. On Sundays there is one of the largest second hand markets in the region. Here is also a possible to practice a wide range of sports activities as hiking, bicycling, and horse back riding.



If you drive further north from La Nucia you come to an other beautiful old town named Polop de la Marina, just under the special mountain the “Sleeping Lion”. This is another typical authentic old town with a rich history, because of the barony and its castle. Polop is also known by their spring water taps, where people can come and tap this water for free. Further up in the mountain, you come to one of the most visited tourist attractions in Spain called Guadalest.

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